is a collectible design platform founded by Tarini Jindal Handa. The project, based in the historic district of Colaba, Mumbai, reenvisions an equal dialogue between makers, designers and materials in the creation of furniture and interior objects.


A space where three forces meet with equal intrigue: makers, designers and materials. Our mission is to reshape the relationship between them, to reveal their value and potential. We thoughtfully develop furniture and interior objects that emphasize this intersection.

By inviting global minds to work locally, we adopt and create new lenses and unique languages to revisit Indian heritage. Contemporary designers encounter India’s diverse and profound techniques through æquō’s extensive network of artisans. These makers, who work with an astonishing sensibility toward our country’s varied raw materials, are placed in dialogue with designers to explore what happens when the familiar seeks the unknown. In this grand design adventure, we create unique collectible pieces. Each of them carries a story rooted in India, yearning to be told to the world at large.


The founder of æquō, Tarini Jindal Handa, was raised in the tradition of arts patronage. This background draws her to cultural preservation and innovation within the design and artisan spheres. In an ongoing commitment to progressing India’s social and cultural legacies, Tarini envisions æquō as an experimental project that transcends borders and equalizes its participants.