Paris 2024

After a successful debut in 2023, where the gallery won the award for the best contemporary design piece with Valériane Lazard's Ajanta daybed hand-carved in teak wood in Bangalore, padded with straw, Æquō returns with a series of new unique pieces delving constantly into Indian craftsmanship. This second edition reflects the dedication of our artisans all over India, who work tirelessly to develop and showcase their remarkable techniques and limitless creativity. We thank them for entrusting our gallery and collaborating with our diverse selection of designers.

Our gratitude extends to everyone involved, including Frozen Music in Jaipur, Farooq Ahmad Khan in Kashmir, Woodlabs in Bangalore, Jeevaram Suthar's team, and especially Gangaram, as well as Perfect Metal in Mumbai.

We are delighted to unveil our latest collaborations with renowned Brazilian figures in design; Estúdio Campana, ceramicist Kristin Yezza from the United States, Dutch designer Linde Freya Tangelder founder of Destroyers/Builders, and the dynamic duo Garcé & Dimofski based in Portugal. The curation will include some new work from ongoing collaboration with Parisian designer Valériane Lazard and Florence Louisy.

This year, in a handmade setting made near-by the splendid temples of Hampi, intertwined with bamboo, the walls of our booth will showcase pieces crafted from woven Sabai grass, enameled copper, engraved tables, hammered german silver, and casted metal pieces inlaid with local stones, or carved wood. We are proud to unveil our new creations crafted locally and designed from all corners of the world. Identifying and celebrating the best Indian craftsmanship, who might previously have been unknown, is a key ambition of the programme. In this grand design adventure, Æquō creates contemporary objects that pay respect to tradition – the antiques of the future.