Estúdio Campana

Æquō is pleased to introduce “ATUXUÁ” , its new exhibition, commencing on November 3, 2023, in Mumbai. The gallery proudly presents a unique Indo-Brazilian collaboration with Estudio Campana. In Mumbai, Æquō has established itself over the past two years with a commitment to celebrating India's rich craft heritage through the collaboration with designers. Founded by Tarini Jindal Handa and curated by creative director Florence Louisy, the gallery invited Humberto Campana to delve into the history of India's techniques and raw materials.

This distinctive aesthetic has garnered international recognition for the Campana brothers, Fernando and Humberto, known for weaving Brazilian narratives into their contemporary sculptural furniture. Their journey, spanning nearly four decades, has been dedicated to transforming their observations of everyday life scenes into exceptional furniture and unique objects. Thus was born the famous «Favela chair,» which echoes the constructions of neighborhoods, the “Pirarucu” armchair crafted from incredible fish scale leather from the Amazon River, and the iconic «Plush chair» that references street plush toy vendors in Sao Paulo, to name just a few. Each of their creations, now represented by the most renowned galleries worldwide, is a tribute to their nation. These pieces, as they travel the world, carry with them Brazilian stories.

Following this same principle, the Indian gallery embarks on a collaboration with the Brazilian studio to unveil a masterpiece infused with Indian culture. This exclusive work envisioned by Humberto Campana and produced by æquō and its partner workshops, continues the tradition of paying homage to a nation through exceptional design. Named after indigenous Brazilian masks known for their intricate craftsmanship and symbolic significance, Atuxuá showcases the intrinsic beauty of Sabai grass - a raw fiber native to India primarily found in the eastern and northeastern regions of the country, blending historical significance with contemporary design.

Humberto Campana's creative process operates in a perpetual present, deftly capturing fleeting moments within his designs. A storyteller through creation, he transforms  ordinary objects  into extraordinary pieces.

"For this collaboration, I wanted to work with raw materials and take into consideration a craft traditional from India, which is why the Atuxuá piece is made with natural fiber and brass. The intricacy of the Sabai grass and the metalwork represents a parallel between the spirituality, rituals, and religious syncretism we can find both in India and Brazil.” (H.C)

At the heart of this show is a solo piece, a cabinet, prominently staged amidst a field of grass. Drawing inspiration from India’s landscape and shape of traditional local bamboo objects, this grass cabinet is meticulously tied together with brass wires as delicate as the fiber itself, faithfully emulating the traditional technique used to bundle grass for trade. Weeks of hand work were spent sewing each blade of grass onto a bamboo lattice to recreate the impressive mass that Sabai grass represents during its harvest. The wild coat covers a solid brass structure created in Jaipur with æquō's partner workshop Frozen Music.Designed by Humberto Campana for the gallery, this exclusive work continues the tradition of paying homage to a nation through exceptional design.