On the occasion of this season’s opening, æquō presents its new exhibition within the walls of its space dedicated to contemporary design and Indian craftsmanship. The gallery is transformed into an immersive collector’s office, where each furniture piece becomes a narrative thread interwoven with different typologies of techniques.

Named after the Hindi word «पन्ना» , which translates to «folio» in English, Panna presents a collection of sculptural pieces, each skillfully crafted through the art of folding diverse materials. From the proud allure of copper meticulously oxidised in Jaipur, burnt pieces enamelled in Alibag, to the soft elegance of Kashmiri felt, Florence Louisy’s new collection pays profound tribute to India’s rich craft heritage. At the core of this collection lies a deep collaboration with local artisans, blending creativity and expertise, which is the signature of our gallery.

By infusing contemporary ideas with timeless techniques, æquō takes Indian design to new heights. Each piece in this exhibition pays homage to the past while boldly shaping the future of contemporary design. As a testament to India’s design legacy, artisans and designers continue to shape the global landscape with their ingenuity and passion. This celebration of form, texture, and function weaves its mark on a vibrant canvas where art and culture unite in harmony.