कोठी _ For our first group show, æquō presents a series of design prototypes and experimental craftsmanship collaborations. Kothi (meaning "Home" in Hindi) is curated as a residential mise-en-scène within our Colaba gallery and features the work of six designers: Valeriane Lazard, Chamar, Wendy Andreu, Frederic Imbert, Cedric Courtin and Florence Louisy.

Through a global perspective on India’s artisanal heritage, the spectrum of craft at every level is explored, with traditionally prized workmanship exhibited alongside more humble handmade techniques. The exceptional skills of small streetside karigars from Mumbai, who have no previous history of working with international designers, are shown to have a quality that stands proud next to celebrated workshops like Ateliers Courtin in Tamil Nadu. In this intimate setting, intended to feel like the home of a collector, raw objects that are still in-process sit confidently next to impeccably finished pieces of collectible furniture. Even material is exhibited democratically: the recycled rubber of Mumbai-based studio Chamar elevated with a new preciousness when seen side-by-side the embroidery of Vastrakala, partner of Lesage Intérieurs in Chennai. These are not juxtapositions rather a balance that is the signature of æquō.

Frédéric Imbert X æquō